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Police Cop Simulator. Gang War

The next game on our list has extra advanced pix while its gameplay is a bit similar to the formerly defined game. Yet another Police Cop Simulator is known as also a Gang War promising us a bit more of action and crook acts. One of the prominent functions is a developing capacity for every police officer that gives the threat to develop from cadet to captain.

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Cop Duty Police Car Simulator

Duty Police Car Simulator Yet any other police task simulator that looks a little bit like GTA. With beautiful and bright graphics the sport will immerse you inside the world of regulation- shielding jobs. It is all about using your police automobile crossing every turn without thinking about the visitors mild. All this is because of switching on the siren. Going from one challenge to another mission, earning money and completing your fuel, the player will feel more like an actual police officer.

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Miami Crime Police

Miami Crime Police represents a strong movement with a variety of bloody scenes and cruelty. It reminds us of a conventional shooter in which the principle hero runs everywhere shooting risky criminals that go along with the police siren. This recreation reminds us of GTA as properly. Though some moments are ridiculous and funny as the police officer can hijack someone else car and drive-thru streets hitting others.

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Police Car Driving Offroad

This sport is extra of racing where you need to chase criminals. You will locate right here neither real cops, no fines, residents nor metropolis site visitors. The developers determined to select an offroad area somewhere inside the nation-state. However, the sceneries are very picturesque. You will hear the exciting sound of the engine pressing the gas pedal and exploring the map.

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Police Secret Agent Crime War Gangster Chase Games

Play the position of a secret police agent in one of the great games in its style. There is not any police uniform or police cars that may deliver away your occupation. However, there may be extra paintings so that you can chase actual gangsters and liquidate them all. There are a number of exclusive missions where each one goes with little education.

You can download from the link below.

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