Jurassic VR – Dinos for Cardboard Virtual Reality || Naisky

The island’s Jurassic shores and thick wilderness and find out about this section ever. Securely notice the destructive animals as they lurk in their regular environment. Chase for your #1 animal on the tremendous fields and disconnected mountain ranges. The application incorporates many types of dinosaurs; from chasing carnivores like the transcending T-Rex to more modest little examples, for example, the Dilophosaurus. Movement is straightforward, simply look toward the path you need to move and you will consequently walk that way. It has a total of 360 levels of vision and you are allowed to investigate this space. Enjoy and find the universe of ancient dinosaurs before the advanced world urban communities were assembled. It’s anything but a computer-generated simulation fascination heading out you back to ancient occasions!

You can download from the link below.

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