How to Make an Account on Dailymotion? || Naisky

Did you ever considered another platform other than YouTube to upload videos, stream or watch videos. Dailymotion is a platform just like YouTube, which allow content creators to earn money, Dailymotion is very easy and convenient to use. In this article you will be guided step-by-step to make an account on Dailymotion.

Step 1

First, search Dailymotion on Google.

Step 2

Click on the first link.

Step 3

After clicking on the first link, at the top right corner of the screen there is option “Sign up”. Click on that option.

Step 4

You can sign up with Gmail, Facebook or with your any email id.

Step 5

Now your account has been created and you can watch, stream and upload videos on Dailymotion.

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