How to Create an Account on Sproutvideo? ||Naisky

If you want to enhance your business, and want it to be spread quickly and widely. Then SproutVideo is the best website to enhance your business. You can make a video about your business, this platform is best for marketing your business, it has amazing features like lead capture, marketing platform integrations, video SEO and more. So in this article you will be guided step-by-step to create an account on SproutVideo.

Step 1

Search “Sproutvideo” on Google.

Step 2

Click on the first link as shown below

Step 3

As the website page is going to open, now at the top right corner there is an option for “SIGN UP FREE”, click on that option.

Step 4

Now fill up the blacks in order to create your account on SproutVideo.

Step 5

After signing up now your account has been created.

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