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Depression can be life threatening and people who go through it, they don’t often show that they are going through depression but they are, they’re so many things that cause the human mind depression and they just lose interest in life. You can still overcome depression, by following these simple tips.

Cut off Toxic People around You

Depression can be caused by your friends too, either unintentionally they make fun of you which can cause insecurities and depression. Some friends just try to boss you around and are not considerate enough to let you ask for your likes and dislikes, and some friends just are your friends because they are selfish and being friends with you for your things. You need to consider your feelings and acknowledge yourself. Stand and speak for yourself. If your friend is doing these things as mentioned, then you need to address them these things that hurt you. If they are your good friends they will acknowledge and if not they will brush it off and act if it’s your fault. You need to know that your mental health should be your number one  priority.

Bad Eating Habits

Bad eating habits can lead you to depression, your choice of eating junk food can affect your both physical and mental health, try eating healthy it will have a huge impact on your mood swings and your personality. 

Taking Bath Daily

Taking bath daily in morning will make you active, and you will start your day wide awake and mostly you will smell good. You will feel fresh around the environment around you and you would be able to achieve certain goals.


Self-care is really important, taking care of yourself will make you feel good and will make you love yourself. Daily at night, before going to bed give yourself a skin care routine, this will help you to acknowledge that your existence matters a lot. Also try to drink water a lot. You will start to feel the change in yourself.

Find a Hobby

Find yourself a hobby, finding a hobby will keep your mind busy, hence if you love taking pictures you do photography, you can travel if you love travelling, if you love reading  make a list of books to read, if you love writing, start your own blogging channel etc. Hence there are too many options for you, you can chose any if you like. When you will be busy no negative thoughts will take place in your mind, you won’t over think things. 

You need to realize that your life is precious, you matter and acknowledge your existence. You deserve all the happiness in world, after every night there is morning. Time won’t stay the same you need to be patient and have firm believe in yourself, life has ups and down but it doesn’t mean you stop living. Life is a journey, you need to make that journey beautiful and memorable. In the end of the day remember you are the thing that matters, put aside negative people and thoughts. I hope this article helped you overcome depression.

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