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Confidence is the key to success, many people have talent and amazing skills but due to lack of confidence you miss that opportunity and someone else might just take advantage of that opportunity. You can’t be yourself, you can’t express yourself, while trying to speak your mind go blur and you lose words to speak. You want to express yourself but unfortunately due to lack of confidence you are unable to show case your talent. We will make you to be confident while speaking.

Practice in front of Mirror

Practice! Practice! And practice! Practicing in front of mirror will make you see how you look while speaking, most important your communication skills would be enhanced. You will notice your body language while speaking also you will notice your facial feature.

Record yourself

Recording yourself is best way to see how your voice sounds like when you’re speaking. Pick a topic for yourself, press record button on your phone and start speaking for 15 minutes. While hearing your voice you will realize where you stutter and your voice notes going high or low, you will realize to keep your voice stable while speaking.

Practicing Emotions and Pausing

While speaking try to practice you smile, also when you talking try to pause while speaking so that the person can understand what you are saying and within smile, smiling when it is necessary, if something serious going on so avoid smiling and try to show seriousness and try being sympathetic. Try to control your emotions, and react according to a situation but in a good manner, so that the person feels comfortable with you around.

Maintain Eye contact

Maintaining eye contact while speaking to the person, will make him realize and acknowledge that you are listening to the speaker carefully and will be happy that you listened to them and it will make them happy that you have acknowledge them, next time they will try to engage with you in conversations and you will certainly feel confident while speaking to them.

Look Friendly

Try to look friendly, by keeping smile on your face and wearing pleasant color clothes. Wearing pleasant color clothes will make you feel very good. As going with a good pleasant smile, people will acknowledge your smile and smile you back. This will give you good vibes and confident. 

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