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If you don’t know how to use Whatsapp Web, then Don’t worry about it. We will help you unlock those trip and tricks.

How to call on Whatsapp Web

If you’re using Whatsapp Web on your web browser, then download Whatsapp on your PC/Laptop. You can easily call or video call your friend on Whatsapp Web by opening your friends chat and click on call or video. 

How to search emojis with keyboard?

Open a chat of your friend and type :th, emoji’s will appear on your screen. Select your emoji and send to your friend. So amazing, right?

How to put theme on whatsapp web?

If you are bored with the same boring theme, you can change that by:

  •  Click on the three vertical dots with add (+) sign
  •  Then go settings
  • Click on theme

Change your theme according to your liking.

How to change whatsapp chat wallpaper on Whatsapp Web?

Same way you changed your Whatsapp theme, you can change you wallpaper too.

  • Click on the three vertical dots with add (+) sign
  • Then go settings
  • Click on chat wallpaper
  • Select any tile of your like and you can ever remove Whatsapp doodles, if you want to.

How to logout from Whatsapp Web?

You can easily log out from Whatsapp web, click on the three vertical dots with add (+) sign, below settings there would be log out option, click on that and you would be logged out.

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