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It is a Chinese based app, that’s similar to TikTok. Since the repeated banning of TikTok. Snack Video was introduced in Pakistan, it’s all entertainment platform attracting wide range of audience as TikTok did by giving money to people who are gaining popularity on YouTube.

In this, you can make short videos of 1 minutes. In such videos, you can promote many contents like your Acting skills, Comedy, and Knowledge or with Songs with lip-sync talent.

How to Download Snack Video?

If you want to download this application then you can download from the link given below.

How to earn money from Snack Video App?

To earn money, first of all you have to download this app and create your account and then watch some of its videos and understand how it works or you start making videos like that and increase your followers, because if you become popular and your videos are getting views, only then you will be able to earn more money from this.


There are two methods by which you can earn from snack videos in Pakistan.

First Method (Recommended)

Invite your friends and family on Snack Video and ask them to bind your invitation code. You will get Up to RS 200 on each referral.

For this go ask your friends to download the app from play store. When they will download click on the gold box. After clicking on the click on go button then login into their app and then ask them to bind your code in his app.

Second Method (For New Users)

You can earn from Snack video by watching any short video and it is only available for new users. That means if you bind someone’s code then this option is available for you. You will get 1 point of each video.

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How Youtube user can earn money from Snack Video?

Good deal for you tubers who can now link up their YouTube accounts with Snack Video. If you are a YouTube content creator click on the link now to get your earning started. But Youtube user must have 10K subscribers.

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