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Do you want to become a pilot and have fun and thrill while flying? Do you want to fly an Helicopter? Do you want to experience this in Virtual Reality then VR Helicopter Flight Simulator is a perfect game for you to experience an adventurous immersive virtual three dimensional simulation. All you had to do is become an expert pilot, dodge the obstacles on the way and have an adventurous journey, most importantly don’t forget to have fun experience a life-like environment with stunning 3D graphics.


Explore the world by flying helicopter and complete sky race to unlock copters. Become the best helicopter pilot in the newest helicopter racing game. Helicopter can be used for many purposes. Start flying real helicopter and enter into sky race against rival pilots. Forget ordinary sky lift helicopter or Apache helicopter. Race till the finishing line and explore city in best helicopter flying racing game! VR Helicopter Flight Simulator has always satisfied its users with its amazing high-quality graphics and gain a lot of attention towards the players that love aviation games.

VR Helicopter Flight Simulation- Game Instructions

  • Use Tilt Controls, to play this wear your Google cardboard or vr box and just tilt device to move left right to dodge the obstacles or other Helicopters.
  • It works with the new Google Cardboard and other similar VR glasses (headsets).
  • Can play without VRbox in touch and Gyro mode.
  • Use headphones, for the best experience.
  • VR Helicopter gives complete control of helicopter.

Be careful when flying the helicopter to avoid hitting other helicopters or you crash and have to retry the level and fly safer.


Get ready to fly and have an amazing race in this immersive virtual three dimensional game. You will have a thrilling experience. Download now and play the game.

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