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VR Traffic Rikshaw Racer 360

If you couldn’t experience the ride of Rickshaw driving ,then to experience the extreme auto-rickshaw ride you got the best chance.We provides you the chance to drive something different than regular vehicles like bus, Prado, truck, car taxi driving & bikes rides etc. It is a test of your top driving skills like acceleration, steering wheel, and turning controls.

Complete the given task to complete the level. challenging after every level of the game. Complete missions to unlock next missions.This Rickshaw game is not a racing game, but you have to drive like a racer so you can complete your given missions within given time. You will be given a specific time to complete your levels successfully. You will earn some specific amount on each successful completion of level which you can use to unlock a new and high speed tuk tuk rickshaw.

This amazing game in 3D environment is free for smart phone users.Along with beautiful environment, excellent controls and graphics, folk music is an excellent addition. You will definitely fall in love with this game once you will start playing this. Drive your three wheeler Rickshaw and race against different opponents in different thrilling race modes,and get more coins.Involve yourself in one of the most hyper-realistic arcade racing 3D games ever. The action is endless and you are sure to have fast and furious fun.The Rickshaw racing game is on Highway.

Rickshaw driving and real drifting will bring a fun part in your life. The heavy traffic like oil tanker, busses, cargo trucks, cars, and other vehicles may create difficulty on road for you. So drive carefully through the dangerous and challenging rushy roads, avoid the traffic accidents, drive your auto rickshaw smooth through heavy traffic, show you’re drifting and traffic riding skills and become the professional Rickshaw racers.

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