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VR Traffic Car Racer 360 is an attractive racing simulation game and is worth a try for players using phones running Android operating system. With high quality graphics, VR Traffic Car Racer 360 brings very realistic and interesting racing experience to players.

For those who love the feeling of adventure and speed, surely racing games are a good choice to help them pursue their own passion without resorting to the help of anyone else. That is also the reason why there are more and more racing games released today, allowing players to enjoy racing experience on computers or phones. If you are looking for a good, impressive racing simulation game, would suggest you VR Traffic Car Racer 360 game . Let’s find out details about this game offline!

VR Traffic Car Racer 360 is an exciting racing simulation game with high quality graphics for Android device users. Since its release, VR Traffic Car Racer 360 has attracted a lot of attention from the community of mobile phone gamers, especially those who are fans of racing games and the game has received a lot of feedback. Positive feedback from real users.

With VR Traffic Car Racer 360, you will be able to drive impressive racing cars, overcome other drivers and see the whole city. VR Traffic Car Racer 360 is VR game optimized for virtual reality and VR apps will give you full control of all VR glasses. VR Traffic Car Racer 360 has completely new virtual reality technology with 360-degree rotation capability to give you a great taste of driving in real 3D view. So you can fully enjoy the feeling of driving away from reality in the game without having to worry about road accidents or injuries.

In the game, you will become the owner of a modern sports car and start your endless highway journey to experience the best driving simulation game in VR mode. You will experience the feeling of driving high-speed sports car in the traffic congestion condition like in real life. You will need to wear a seatbelt and even lightly slip to change lanes to avoid hitting other vehicles. In general, the feeling will be like you’re driving in real life.

First, you need to download the game to your mobile device first. On a side note, VR Traffic Car Racer 360 requires your phone to run Android 4.4 or higher. Next, start the game now and you need to note some points after playing:

– Requires VR headset to play
– Tilt the VR glasses to move left / right
– You must have Gyro sensor in Android device to enjoy this virtual reality game.
– Put your device into VR glasses to start the endless journey

After testing, researching and surveying user experience, realized that VR Traffic Car Racer 360 game has some outstanding features as follows:

– Easy to learn and drive
– 3D realistic view
– Endless game mode
– Control like simulation
– Virtual reality game with 360-degree rotation
– The most realistic racing simulation
– Road The city highway is beautifully designed.
– Smooth and easy game controls.
– High quality sound and good game music
– Simple interface, intuitive, user friendly

The controls in the game are very simple and intuitive so you feel like you are driving at high speed on the highway. You and other riders also need to wear a seatbelt when racing on beautiful graphics and visual effects.

VR Traffic Car Racer 360 is always updated continuously to bring more exciting experiences for racing lovers. VR Traffic Car Racer 360 game developer always acknowledges the comments and contributions of users to gradually upgrade the application. Download the game now to experience the super-cool, super-dramatic racing experience that VR Traffic Car Racer 360 gives you!


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